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              ASCA Ch./RBIS-UKC Ch./Intl Ch. Shawnkara's Vintage Vine 

Heartfires Goin 4 Broke X Shawnkara's Pennies From Heaven

DOB: 8/13/2013, Hips OFA: GOOD #AS-33987G37F-VPI, Elbows: NORMAL #AS-EL9172F37-VPI, Eyes cleared, Patellar: Normal, Cleared by parentage for HC, MDR1 and DM n/n CEA clear, also tested and was clear.

Notable Wins
WB ~ BOW ~ SBJ Kim Golden (ASCU) 3pts
WB ~ BOB ~ BOW ~ SBJ Kim Golden (4CASC) 4pts
WB ~ BOW ~ BOS ~ SBJ Lisa Renville (ASCNM) 3pts
RWB ~ Leah Bertagnolli (AKC)
WB ~ BOW  ~ Rich Mysliwiec (AKC) 4pts

RWB ~ Earl Gebhardt (ASCA/AKC)
WB ~ BOS ~ Diane Landstrom (AKC) 5pts
WB ~ Cherrie Cannon SBJ (ASCA) 5 pts to finish


WB ~ Best Female ~Joyce Lee Hanson
WB ~Best Female ~ Tracey Kallas
WB ~ BOW ~ BOB ~ Grp 1 ~ RBIS ~ Rebekah Anthony

Rosie Pedigree.jpg Rosie Pedigree.jpg
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ASCA Ch./ BIS INTL Ch./ UKC Ch.. Shawnkara's Say It Like U Mean It!

DOB: 8/13/2013, Hips OFA: GOOD , Elbows: NORMAL, Eyes cleared, Patellar: Normal, Cleared   HC, MDR1, CRM1, DM, PRA-PRCD, CEA  are all Clear/Normal

2/15/14 & 2/16
WB/BOW: 5 points Kristina Churchhill
RWB: Teena Meadors
ASCA 3/8 thur
RWB: Erica Peters
WB/BOW: 3 pt Libby Stibley
RWB: Denise Creelman
RWB: Tina Burke
WB/BOW: 3 pts Kim Golden
WB/BOW 4 pts Teena Meadors
Rosie finished her ASCA championship at 10
months old under all breeder judges!

3/19/16 Rosie won BOS under 
BJ Connie Blowers
3/20/16 Rosie won BOS under 
BJ Annette Cyboron
11/09/17 BOS ~ SBJ Laura Diebold
11/10/17 BOS ~ Pat Robinson AKC
01/27/18 BOS ~ SBJ Cherrie Cannon
01/28/18 BOS ~ SBJ Anne Shope 

Rosie Won (Show 1) Best Female Under judge Tracey Kallas
Rosie (Show 2) Rosie won Best Female BOB/ Group 2 Under Judge
Kari Jepson
Rosie won (show 1) Best Female under judge Jean HerringMurray
Rosie won (show 2) Best Female and BOW under Judge John Booth

Kennel Club of Beverly Hills
Rosie won RWB under judge Eric J. Ringle
Rosie won WB/BOS under judge Vincent G. Mulligan
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WildeOaks 5 More Minutes

RBIS Ukc Ch./ASCA Ch. WildeOaks You Can Only Hope and Ukc Ch./ ASCA Ch. WildeOaks Wild Irish Rose

DOB: 08/13/2017  MDR1 M/N, HSF4 N/N  will be tested for CEA, Cleared by parentage on all other health clearances.  OFA: to young Elbows to young, Eyes clear 2017
Co-owned with Diana Stringer of WildeOak Aussies

Notable Wins

RWB ~ Erica Peters-Pruitt SBJ (ASCA) 
RWB ~  Kelly Reimschiissel (AKC)
RWB ~ Teena Meadors SBJ (ASCA)
RWB ~ Celeste Telles SBJ (ASCA)
WB ~ BOW ~ BOS  ~ Tammy Seamen BJ (ASCA) 2 pts
WB ~ BOW ~ Liz Stipley SBJ (ASCA) 2 pts
WB ~ BOW ~ Judy Chard SBJ (ASCA) 2 pts
WB ~ BOW ~ BOS ~ Stephanie McDaniels SBJ (ASCA) 2 pts

Raven pedigree1.png Raven pedigree1.png
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ShadoMoons Something Special

BISS Italian CH. AKC GCH. Stormridge Hightide Bolero of Fire at G.Jorasses  X ShadoMoons Playin My Trump Card RN, BN,   STDsd
Eyes Cleared, Cleared by parentage for: Patellar: Normal, Cleared   HC, CRM1, DM, PRA-PRCD, CEA  are all Clear/Normal,  RED factored.
Co-Owned with Pat Zapf of Shadomoon Aussies
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