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How we got started!

Dad and I have always been really close. He got me into riding horses and I got him into the dogs. As a child my dad had bought a little blue merle male. Little did we know that then he was a pattern white Aussies with way too much white and little merling. But Mickey was the best family dog any one family could ask for. When dad was away he would patrol the property and keep the bad things away from us. I remember my little brother starting school and Mickey went along to watch over him. Mom looked all over town and was so worried that someone had stolen him. But at 3:30 that afternoon here come Mickey and Walter home from school. Mickey had laid in the ditch and waited for him to get done for the day, and walked him home. After Mickey we had two other aussie‚Äôs but none that could take his place. So for years we had all kinds of dogs, and eventually found another one. Which lead us to where we are today. Dad and I have been into showing and breeding for a little over 30 years (2016) now. We are still learning from this wonderful breed. Every litter is a surprise and a learning time for us. You must know that Aussies are not for everyone. They are strong willed and pushy at times and require patience from most of there handlers. Aussies are not apartment dogs and they require room to run and exercise. They will herd most anything and small children have been one of our favorites.  I was the main driver and I did and still do the best I can at being a groomer for just our dogs. After my late husbands death, I moved back out to my dads place.  We have 5.5 acres with a 3 acres run for the dog. With kennels that are closed in on three sides all accept the fronts. During the summer months they have fans running on them most of the time. Our dogs are spoiled but loved!  We would also like to thank the breeders and friends we have made in our travels with this great breed. We also hope to make more along our travels. Dad has semi retired his part in our dogs.  So I am taking on this endeavor and hope to keep showing and breeding for many years to come.

Both Dad and I belong to Australian Shepherd Club of America.  All of our dogs are dual registered in ASCA and AKC and UKC.  All dogs have  been or will be OFA'd with Eyes cleared before breeding.  

 Supplements we feed our dogs are as follows:

 K9 Show Stopper is designed to help dogs look and feel their absolute best. ShowStopper includes a wide array of natural factors meant to supplement weak links in nutrition, leading to a glossy, healthy coat and overall good health.

 Inflight Coat Formula Is an All-Natural dog food supplement specifically formulated to combat problems and enable your dog to grow the healthiest, most luxurious cost possible. And we have just added

Braggs Apple Cinder Vinegar, L-Lysine, Kelp, Biotin, Vitamin C, pure Coconut Oil and a raw egg, shell and all!

We also feed a grain free food to all our dogs. All our dogs get Nuvet supplements!  If you'd like to order or know more use the link on the left here.

 All pictures on my website are my property and can not be used elsewhere.  Without my permission.

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