Here @ Shawnkara Aussies we strive to place every puppy with the right home. To do this, we feel that we need more information on all prospective buyer(s), not only for the puppy's best interest but also yours. Please fill out the below questionnaire if you are interested in a puppy.  Please note that we sell to approved homes only. All pups are sold only as pets on a non-breeding contract.  We do require a NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit of $300 to go toward the sale price of the puppy.  I will let you know if you have been chosen.  Then you have 3 days to pay deposit to us through PAYPAL as a friend or family, or Venmo!  If you do not we will drop your name from our current list.
Litter #1 IVY 2019
Litter #2 ROSIE 2019
Phone Number:
Email Address:
How did you hear about us?
Have you ever owned an Australian Shepherd
What made you decide to purchase an Aussie?
What sex of puppy would you perfer?
Do you have a color preference? If so, what color?
Will you consider a puppy of another color or sex if you preferences are not available?
Do you plan to participate in any of the following activities with your aussie? (check all that apply) Conformation
Companion only
We require you to spay or neuter your Aussie. Are you willing to do this?
All of our pet/companion puppies are sold on ASCA/AKC/UKC limited registration and spay/neuter agreements. Do you have a problem about this? If so, why?
What other breeds if any have you owned? If this would be your first dog, please say so.
Do you still own the dog(s) mentioned above? If not what happened to the dog(s).
Do you have children? Please give ages?
What are your plans for housing and exercising your Aussie?
What is your budget for buying your Aussie?
Are you on any waiting lists for any other litters?
Do you own or rent your home?
If renting well your landlord give you permission to keep a dog in that home?
Is your yard totally fence in?
Fence type and height?
Where will the dog spend the day?
Have you ever given away a dog to a friend, family or shelter? If so, why?
what kind of personality are you looking for in your dog?
Please list two references (Veterinarian, person active in dogs or close acquaintance preferred) Please include a phone number and email. We do check references.

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